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Railway + Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock Computing Solutions

Train Intelligent Digital Security

Train Computer guards public safety and security with video surveillance

The safety and security of public transportation services has become a major issue as the frequency, severity and sophistication
of security breaches and attacks are rising. For the public‘s interests and smooth operations of public transportation services, onboard surveillance systems present a cost-effective solution and call for the help of train computers.

Downloads: Application Note nROK 5500 Train Surveillance

Rail Computer combats fare evasion & unveils ROI by counting ridership

Calculating ridership allows rail service operators to put their profitability under close scrutiny. In the rail operation, the number of passengers using a rail service has several important applications, enabling rail service operators to evaluate the scale of fare evasion, assign fixed operating costs to a route and adjust service schedules. Making precise and reliable calculation of the ridership, therefore, holds great significance and is tasked to NEXCOM‘s rail computer nROK 3000.

Downloads: Application Note nROK 3000 Rail Service

Safety Monitoring in Mass Transit Systems with VCODECH264-D4
Mass transit system operators are increasingly looking to automation to improve safety and increase efficiency of commuter transportation.

The VCODEC-H264-D4 Recording and Preview feature provides all round situational awareness to the train driver for increased passenger safety, while high quality multi-channel video recording provides material for archival and evidential purposes.

Safety Monitoring in Mass Transit Systems with VCODECH264-D4
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