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Digital Signage

Drive-Thru service mimics in-store experience with Digital Signage

The digital signage player Fanless Box-PC B533 DSP has helped one of the biggest coffee chains in the world provide face-to-face ordering at drive-thru lanes. In an effort to boost traffic and sales, the coffee chain had an idea - attracting customers in a hurry with the drive-thru service. With a potential to double the sales revenue, the drive-thru service must deliver not only speed but also amiable experience similar to its impeccable in-store service, prompting the coffee chain to build a face-to-face ordering system with this Fanless Box-PC B533 DSP.

Downloads: Application Note Fanless Box-PC B533 DSP Drive-Thru

OPS Player fuels Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Growth in Western Asia

The OPS player helps a quick service restaurant (QSR) chain press ahead with its fast expansion plan. Already serving a global customer base, the QSR chain has set on an expansion spree to increase its presence in Western Asia. With the goal of opening a new store outfitted with digital menu boards every other week, the dire need for efficient execution has led the QSR chain to OPS Box DS M535.

Downloads: Application Note OPS Box DS M535 QSR

Digital Signage Player helps Bus Passengers adjust trips timely

In a fast-paced vibrant city in Asia, lost bus trips have been a persistent malady. Accounting for almost one-third of the city‘s daily public transport volume, the bus service, which could be delayed or lost as a consequence of traffic congestions, vehicle breakdowns, and road accidents and diversions, has fallen short of public expectations. To allow passengers to make timely trip and schedule adjustments, the city‘s largest bus operator is building estimated time of arrival (ETA) systems with the Fanless Box-PC B535 DSP.

Downloads: Application Note Fanless Box-PC B535 DSP

Digital Signage Player automates QSR dining experience with Self-Service integration

One of the largest quick service restaurant chains in the world has embarked on quest to build self-service kiosks for some of its outlets to expand services and speed the ordering process. With the aim to reduce queuing times and provide customers a pleasant and convenient ordering experience, the restaurant chain sought to create an interactive in-store digital experience akin to ordering at the counter. The need for a kiosk system to deliver touchscreen interactivity and support self-checkout devices has led the restaurant chain to digital signage players.

Product: Fanless Box-PC B325-SI5 DSP.
Downloads: Application Note Fanless Box-PC B325-SI5 DSP

Digital Signage Player captivates Customers Facilitating Self-Shopping

Shopper expectations are evolving and they want their needs met faster than retailers are innovating. With the objective of facilitating the checkout process while providing a pleasant experience for their customers, a supermarket chain decided to implement self-scanning and checkout service as an alternative to the traditional cashierstaffed checkout. In order to deliver a digital self-shopping journey that captivates their customers, the supermarket chain relied on this Digital Signage Players.

Product: Fanless Box-PC B325-SI5 DSP.
Downloads: Application Note Fanless Box-PC B325-SI5 DSP

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