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Embedded Applications: Requirements on Storage Solutions

Embedded applications have very demanding requirements on storage solutions like small size, low power consumption, high reliability and durability.

Meanwhile, embedded equipments are often expensive to replace, and thus the integrated storage must be engineered for a long operational field life. In addition, since many embedded devices require some approvals and qualifications, any forced changes or upgrades may require reevaluation or re-certification that can be costly and delay time to-market. Storages with fixed BOM and long term availability would be favorable choice for embedded device designers.

Besides, based on large number of storage product field failures are due to power fault. Surges, spikes, blackouts and brownouts are especially worrisome for embedded, as they can cause improperly operation or cease functioning to embedded devices. Thus the high Robustness of storages under Power Fault is required.

• Compact Size
• Low Power Consumption
• High Reliability & Durability
• Fixed BOM
• Long Term Availability
• Robustness under Power Faults

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