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Bridge Module

The Bridge-PCIe104 is a PCIe/104 to PCI-104 bridge module that allows the use of PCI-104 peripheral boards on PCIe/104 systems. It allows AMP’s range of proven PCI-104 video boards to be employed on the latest PCIe/104 CPU host boards.

The Bridge-PCIe104 uses a single PCIe x1 Lane and supports up to 4 peripheral PCI-104 cards. The provided PCI interface is a full PCI implementation allowing the peripheral PCI-104 modules to use as full PCI masters for high performance video capture and compression and other applications.

The Bridge-PCIe104 is available in both top and bottom stacking models for flexible system construction. It is natively supported in Windows and Linux and does not require any additional drivers.


Bridge Module

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  • PCI Express (PCIe) bridge to PCI/104 32bit bus
  • Supporting 4 PCI Bus master modules
  • Uses a single PCIe x1 Lane
  • Allows use of proven PCI-104 cards in PCIe104 systems
  • Available in top and bottom stacking configurations
  • Natively supported in Windows and Linux
  • Applications: High Performance Video Capture and Compression, Mobile Video Surveillance, 8 Channel HD Video Encoder
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
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