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Public Relations
Fanless Box-PC B537 Fanless Box-PC B537 Digital Signage Player brings digital Experience in QSRs to Life 22.05.2017
The Fanless Box-PC B537 Digital Signage Player delivers an engaging digital approach to customers while revamping the management of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). Featuring 7th generation Intel® Core™ processor, the Digital Signage Player captivates consumers in a truly personalized and memorable experience, representing an all-round technology for QSRs to stay ahead with rapid innovation.
Fanless Box-PC B537
Vehicle Telematic Computer 1910 Vehicle Telematics comes in a small Package to create big Advancement in Fleet Management 19.05.2017
The Vehicle Telematic Computer 1910 leverages untapped vehicle telematics to advance fleet management with an easy remedy. Featuring Intel Atom® processor E3815, the telematics gateway is geared for data acquisition, edge computing and network communication. Integrated with onboard systems, the VTC 1910 can extract vehicle telematics, perform preliminary analysis and stream and act on results, allowing for anomaly alerts and real-time adjustments to optimize planning and operations for public transport services, commercial fleets and more.
VTC 1910
Automotive Modular Vehicle System MVS 5603 / 5600 series accomplishes Mobile Video Surveillance System for Public Transportation and first Responders 18.04.2017
The Modular Vehicle & Video Surveillance System MVS 5603 & MVS 5600 accomplishes operational efficiency of public transportation and service. Based on the 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors, the MVS 5603 / 5600 series provides an integral solution incorporating high computing power, 8-port PoE switch functions for effortless configuration, wireless communication and GPS tracking with optional Dead Reckoning (DR) support to record in-vehicle activities, locations, high quality videos, driving patterns and diagnostics for a variety of vehicles achieving better measures for safety and management.
MVS 5603
MVS 5600
Modular Vehicle
10,4"  Automotive Panel-PC VMC 110/111 Vehicle Terminals fuel telematics adoption to elevate Transport Efficiency 07.02.2017
The Vehicle Terminals fuel telematics adoption to achieve regulatory compliance and business targets. Powered by Intel® Atom™ x5-E3930 processor, VTC 1020, VTC 1020-PA and nROK 1020-A are equipped with vehicle data acquisition, GPS / wireless communication and data processing capabilities. By bridging the gap between on-duty vehicles and central dispatchers, these Vehicle Terminals can help fleet, bus and rail transport introduce telematics applications such as in-transit monitoring, usage-based insurance, preventive maintenance and more.
VTC 1020
VTC 1020-PA
nROK 1020-A
Automotive Panel-PC VMC 110/111 Vehicle Mount Computer 110/111 sharpens Operations and Safety in commodities Transport 07.02.2017
The Vehicle Mount Computer 110/111 assists commodities transportation enhancing operational efficiency and fleet safety. Based on NXP™ i.MX 6DualLite processor, the VMC 110/111 works in Android operating system embodying navigation, fleet telematics and electronic logging by combining real-time GPS tracking, wireless communication and complete vehicle diagnostics to control and manage freight such as dry and liquid materials, ranging from waste to the food industry.
Automotive Panel-PC
VMC 110/111
10,4"  Automotive Panel-PC VMC 3020 Vehicle Mount Computer smoothes the way to warehouse efficiency 14.12.2016
The new 10,4" Vehicle Mount Computer VMC 3020 increases inventory control, visibility and accuracy to optimize warehouse management. Designed for use on forklifts, the VMC 3020 is geared with Intel® Atom™ x5-E3930 processor, real-time communications, easy function integration, high availability and reliability for fast-paced, high-intensity warehouse environments. By streamlining live dispatch, order processing, driver and asset management, the Vehicle Mount Computer can help manage the dynamics of complex workflows in warehouses, distribution, fulfillment centers and ports and harbors.
10,4" Automotive Panel-PC
VMC 3020
17" Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PC T/P series New Industrial Panel PCs unify machine design with flexible Touchscreen Options 14.10.2016
The industrial panel PCs has been revamped with its 17" Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PC series to brace the advent of precision manufacturing. Targeted at advanced machine control, the fanless Panel-PC series delivers computing and graphics improvements with Intel® Core™ processor and adds options of touch technologies and I/O interfaces. With overall performance boosts and flexible configurations, it helps machine builders diverse machine control and human machine interface (HMI) offerings while keeping the appearance design unified.
17" Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PC series
Fanless Box-PC B425 DSP Embracing retail IoT to unveil Shoppers' interests 26.08.2016
As innovative IoT applications spring up around the retail industry, the edge server Fanless Box-PC B426 DSP gives brick-and-mortar retailers a firm grasp of customers' interests. Featuring GPU-ac- celerated system responsiveness, it has the competence of an edge server to invigorate retailers through smart retail insights. Fanless Box-PC B426 DSP can identify traffic flows, measure customer engagement and find behavioral patterns, offering retailers valuable information to optimize shelf assortment, craft marketing strategies and ultimately increase in-store sales.
Fanless Box-PC B425 DSP
WiFi Access Point 310 WiFi Access Point 310 builds the road to Industry 4.0 with a trustworthy industrial Wi-Fi Mesh Network 03.08.2016
The industrial Wi-Fi mesh point WiFi Acces Point 310 creates with ease an ad hoc Wi-Fi network in factories, preparing manufacturers for Industry 4.0. To spur the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), the WiFi Acces Point 310 features EZ mesh networking, enhanced connectivity, safety verification and remote monitoring functions. Combining its industrial-grade reliability, it builds an industrial Wi-Fi network with stability, flexibility, security and manageability to permit rapid adaptation to dynamic connection needs.
WiFi Access Point 310
Outdoor Access Point 504D Equipping of factories with speedy budget Industrial Wi-Fi for Video Surveillance 03.08.2016
The industrial Wi-Fi AP Outdoor Acces Point 504D catalyzes security surveillance and ubiquitous data collection by providing fast Wi-Fi connection for factories. Featuring high-speed high-power Wi-Fi connection, the rugged Outdoor Acces Point 504D is geared to build strong data networks that can stretch for kilometers. By steadily transmitting live images and field data from factories to and from a public or private cloud, it allows users to leverage advanced data analytics to enhance factory security and to conduct persistent operational improvements and efficiency optimization envisioned by the industrial internet of things (IIoT).
Outdoor Access Point 504D
Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PC Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PCs renew HMI controls with enhanced graphics, interoperability & ruggedness 02.08.2016
The next generation Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PC renew HMI controls with enhanced graphics, interoperability and ruggedness. Leveraging quad-core CPU upgrade, fieldbus and EtherCAT support, the Panel-PC series improves operational efficiency with accurate, speedy visual processing and integration flexibility. Built to meet HMI safety requirements for petrochemical and steel industries, the Panel-PC series is compatible with UL 61010-1 and UL 61010-2-201 standards.
Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PC
Factory Automation Box-PC Factory Automation Controllers fully integrate automated manufacturing processes 23.05.2016
Based on PC architecture, the factory automation controller Factory Automation Box-PC 200 series features scalable computing performance with a choice of Intel® Celeron™ processor J1900 and Intel® Atom™ E3800 processors. The Factory Automation Box-PC 200 series supports real-time control and SoftPLC/SoftMotion functions for use in a wide variety of processes including filling, dispensing, labeling, packing and many more. If configured with cameras and scanners, it can be applied to defect inspection for enhanced quality control or to documentation of production records by reading barcodes and product serial numbers.
Factory Automation Box-PC 200 series
FMS 1000 Telematics Gateway DELTA COMPONENTS Telematics Gateway keeps Off-road Operation on the right Track 14.04.2016
The FMS 1000 DELTA COMPONENTS telematics gateway increases driver safety, vehicle security and operation efficiency, keeping track of heavy machinery for oil and gas, logging, construction and mining industries. Packed with data acquisition and data communication features, the rugged FMS 1000 helps fleet managers monitor mobile workforce and track status and location of heavy machinery. By minimizing occupational hazards, optimizing predictive maintenance and protecting machinery from theft, FMS 1000 ensures off-road operation on the right track.
FMS 1000 Telematics Gateway
Mobile Video Surveillance + Video Analytics MVS 5200 series turns Mobile Video Surveillance & Video Analytics into operational Intelligence for Public Transport 14.04.2016
The Mobile Video Surveillance & Video Analytics MVS 5200 series turns video images into operational intelligence, watching over public safety and transport operation. Based on Intel® Core™ processors, the MVS 5200 series features the caliber of microservers, mobile NVRs and data loggers to bring real-time intelligence on board of public transport. With abilities to see, sense and think, the MVS 5200 series can help detect suspicious objects, fight crimes and prevent fare evasion, effecting safety and efficiency improvements for buses, metro transit systems, rails and more.
Mobile Video Surveillance + Video Analytics
Touch Monitors DELTA COMPONENTS adds Portfolios with Industrial Touch Monitors featuring Widescreen and Multi-touch 19.01.2016
Available in 15.6, 18.5 and 21.5 inches, our Partner NEXCOM's industrial touch monitors feature widescreen and 10-point multi-touch for better operational awareness. The Factory Automation Touch Monitor IP66 series provides informative and clearer HD content, making data feeds easier to read and understand. The 10-point multitouch projected capacitive touchscreen (P-Cap) feature lowers risks of operating errors, accidental touches and machine starts.
Factory Automation Touch Monitors IP66
Unexplored Data Value in IoT Fanless Box-PC 50C digs for unexplored Data Value in IoT 28.12.2015
Our partner NEXCOM's IoT gateway Fanless Box-PC 50C aids enterprises in the exploration of the dynamics of business operations. The compact Fanless Box-PC 50C features versatile functions for real-time control, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and seamless cloud application integration. Along with the pre-tested compatibility to work with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, the Fanless Box-PC 50C can bring insightful eyes to modern practices of including asset management, predictive maintenance and cloud-based monitoring.
Fanless Box-PC 50C
Rugged Digital Signage Player Rugged Fanless Box-PC B325 Digital Signage Player gears up for Semi-Outdoor Kiosks / Signages 15.12.2015
Our partner NEXCOM's rugged digital signage player, the Fanless Box-PC B325 DSP, gears up for semi-outdoor signages and kiosks. Besides 4K multimedia display, the Fanless Box-PC B325 DSP is designed with wide temperature durability. Rich I/O interfaces further extend the usage to shelf management or self-service kiosks. Also, the slim Fanless Box-PC B325 DSP fits space-critical or areas like shelves, counters and front desks.
Rugged Digital Signage Player
15" + 19" Open Frame Panel-PC Next Generation Panel PCs Deliver Easy and Seamless Kiosk Upgrades 24.11.2015
Our partner NEXCOM's next generation Open Frame Panel PCs bring effortless and seamless kiosk upgrades. Featuring enhanced Intel® Atom™ processor, same size cutout, high-speed I/O ports, and over 50,000-hour display longevity, the Open Frame Panel PC series brings dashing performance and reliable kiosk operations, which allow custom applications including price checkers, automatic check-in, ticket vending machines, healthcare kiosks, ATMs, and more.
15" + 19" Open Frame Panel-PC
VTC 6210-R Fanless Railway Computer Railway Computer Puts Reliable Recording and Communications on Track 16.09.2015
Our partner NEXCOM‘s fanless railway computer, VTC 6210-R series, is made for reliable event recording and communications. Using quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor E3845, the versatile railway computer conducts onboard missions such as rail data collection gateways and graphics-intensive surveillance recorders. Rich, lockable I/O ports and dual SIM connectivity allows fast deployment, real-time data collection, and wireless transmission. To maintain the integrity of surveillance video, event records, and operation data, the VTC 6210-R series offers high level protection against surge, vibration, extreme temperatures, and electromagnetic interference with isolation and EN50155 certification.
VTC 6210-R Fanless Railway Computer
VTC 7220-R Multipurpose Railway Computer Series Robust Multipurpose Railway Computers Bolster Video Analytics and Passenger Infotainment 01.09.2015
Our partner NEXCOM's robust railway computers, VTC 7220-R series, are compact yet powerful in enhancing passenger safety and amusement. The Intel® Core™ i7-4650U processor, maximum 4TB storage support, plus EN 50155 certification allow the computers reliably to stream and store 24/7 surveillance footage or on-demand entertainment in HD. Rich I/O interfaces simplify onboard system integrations with video analytics so that transportation authorities can identify suspicious incidents or malfunctioning systems in time, keeping operations safe and sound.
VTC7220-R Multipurpose Railway Computer Series
Slim Surveillance Box-PC 1410 Bringing 4K and HEVC to Security Surveillance with Smooth Recording and Efficient Storage 26.06.2015
Our partner NEXCOM's latest Slim Surveillance Box-PC 1410 brings 4K imaging to security surveillance with smooth recording and efficient storage. Powered by latest Intel® Pentium™ Processor N3700 (formerly codenamed Braswell), the Slim Surveillance Box-PC 1410 features 4K footage, smooth playback, latest HEVC decoding technology (also known as H.265), and up to 6TB surveillancegrade storage. Retailers and SMB owners can watch silky and detailed video footage while having extended recording duration with economical price.
Slim Surveillance Box-PC 1410
OPS Box DS M335 The Latest 4K OPS Media Player Increases Engagement at Airports, Enterprises and Schools 24.06.2015
The latest OPS media player from our partner Nexcom, the OPS Box DS M335 increases deeper engagement for viewers at airports, enterprises, and schools. Powered by Intel® Celeron™ Processor N3150 (formerly codenamed Braswell), the OPS Box DS M335 delivers informative and eye-catching 4K videos while its remote manageability simplifies deployment, maintenance, and upgrade errands. Airports, schools, and enterprises can better inform targeted audience with greater reach of context.
OPS Box DS M335
Video Analytics Applications Increase Transportation Security with Video-based Intelligence 15.06.2015
Commonly used in the transport sector, computer vision has been used to produce video evidence or render visual assistance on buses, commercial fleets and patrol vehicles. For concerns over transporta- tion security, computer vision can have more active uses to allow precautionary measures to be imposed or immediate response taken on the spot. To this end, computer vision is increasingly inseparable from video analysis. In this article we show how the In-vehicle Computers VTC 7230 and 7240 leverage the 5th generation Intel® Core™ processors to generate videobased security intelligence. The article looks at how the VTCs provide a flexible approach to not only delivering video analysis but also providing consistent performance regardless of evolving analysis techniques. The article also gives consideration to the size and power design of the VTCs, and illustrates how these design enhancements give users mobility to adapt to highly dynamic mobile environments.
VTC 7230 / 7240
DeltaCar-PC 1100 Connected Car Brings Intelligence to Transportation 16.04.2015
As urban population grows at an exponential rate, traffic jams are becoming more hideous and driving more and more tedious. Creating a better driving experience can change people’s perception of driving and make it more sustainable. Delivering this experience though places new demands on head units, requiring them to make driving safer and more enjoyable, as well as capable of supporting connection to intelligent transportation systems (ITS). In this article, we show how these challenges can be met with the an all-in-one in-vehicle computer based on Intel® Atom™ processor E3825. We explain how the DeltaCar-PC 1100 supports smart mobility under the framework of ITS; we demonstrate how the DeltaCar-PC 1100 enables the transformation of a connected car and brings out the value of big data analytics; and we elaborate on how the DeltaCar-PC 1100 enables new in-vehicle features and services.
DeltaCar-PC 1100
Fanless Box-PC 2400 Series Fanless Box-PC 2400 Series Propels Smart Cities Forward 07.04.2015
We released Nexcoms new Fanless Box-PC 2400 series built to propel smart cities forward with high flexibility, environmental durability, and remote manageability. Powered by Intel® Atom™ E3800 product family, the Fanless Box-PC 2400 series delivers flexible choices of computing power, graphics capabilities, and expansions over various smart city applications such as vending kiosks, city surveillance, automatic toll collection services and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Coupled with a free management tool, Xcare™ 3.0, the Fanless Box-PC 2400 series delivers high manageability. Its fanless and rugged designs extend series expand duration of operation in outdoor environments.
Fanless Box-PC 2400 Series
Vehicle Mount Computer VMC 4011 Vehicle Mount Computer Harvests Data to Increase Field Yields 06.02.2015
The vehicle mount computer VMC 4011 of our partner NEXCOM is aimed at providing field data for fieldworkers and site managers to increasing productivity. Targeted at mobile data terminals on heavy machines, the VMC 4011 is packed with data gathering, processing, display, and transfer capabilities. The VMC 4011 can keep field operations and heavy machines under tight control and close watch for industries including agriculture and forestry, mining, construction, and ports and harbors.
VMC 4011
COM Express Module 501X Slim T10 COM Express ICES 501X Delivers Solid Performance in Mission-critical Operations 02.02.2015
Our partner NEXCOM's type 10 mini COM Express Module 501X brings the balance of size and ruggedness to mission-critical, embedded, and industrial applications. Powered by Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family, the COM Express Module 501X delivers up to quad-core processing power with less than 10W TDP. The power efficiency saves additional space for cooling. Also, with onboard DDR3L and eMMC memory support, the palm-sized (84mm by 55mm) COM Express Module 501X makes a slim fit for handheld HMIs, space-limited transportation, and commercial drones.
COM Express
Module 501X
VTC 7230/7240 In-Vehicle Computers Fuse Telematics with IoT for Smart and Safe Journey 28.01.2015
Our partner NEXCOM introduces in-vehicle computers VTC 7230 and VTC 7240 to foster the growth of connected vehicles in the IoT (Internet of Things), which aims to offer safer and more efficient driving experience. Featuring 5th generation Intel® Core™ processors, the in-vehicle computers boast numerous telematics features to support fleet management, security features to protect vehicles in the IoT, and performance to drive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and stream multiple video surveillance feeds.
VTC 7230/7240
PoE Switches Fanless In-vehicle PoE Switches Simplify Wiring And Power Management 16.01.2015
Our partner NEXCOM has released two fanless in-vehicle PoE switches to simplify the installation of in-vehicle technology to address the growing need for onboard video surveillance and internet connectivity. The fanless VES30-8S and VES30-4S feature 802.3af PoE ports and smart power management. The in-vehicle PoE switches can streamline the wiring of powered devices and provide protection against transient power fluctuation and other challenges in vehicular environments, keeping including IP cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and VoIP phones in good shape.
PoE Switches
VMC 100 Robust and Economical Vehicle Mount Computer Simplifies Fleet Operations 13.01.2015
The durable yet economical vehicle mount computer, VMC 100 is built to maximize fleet efficiency and safety. VMC 100 features ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor and an open embedded system of Android, Linux, or Windows Embedded Compact 7, delivering a flexible platform for third party fleet management software. The robust VMC 100 not only delivers great user experience but also helps drivers achieve simplified operational tasks and stay focused on the road.
VMC 100
Fanless Box-PC 3720 Fanless Box-PC 3720 Series Industrial IoT Gateways & Controllers Build up Smart Manufacturing 12.01.2015
Our partner NEXCOM has released the Fanless Box-PC 3720 series industrial IoT gateways and controllers for smart manufacturing. Supporting 5th generation Intel® Core™ processors, the Fanless Box-PC 3720 series provides enhanced computing and graphics capabilities. Adding the support for cross-protocol communication capability, the Fanless Box-PC 3720 series connects factories, enabling intensive data analysis of a data concentrator and information visualization required for big supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications.
Box-PC 3720
Vehicle Mount Computer 1100 Rugged Vehicle Mount Computer VMC 1100 Maximizes Mobile Workforce Efficiency 11.12.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has released a 7-inch vehicle mount computer VMC 1100 to increase operational efficiency and regulatory compliance for vehicle fleets. Based on Intel® Atom™ processor E3825, the VMC 1100 has built up capabilities of information visualization, data logging, vehicle tracking and monitoring, and data communication. By consolidating functions of portable navigation devices (PND), electronics logging devices (ELD), and fleet telematics systems (FTS) onto one reliable hardware platform, the VMC 1100 enables mobile workforces including truck fleets, police patrols, and fire and emergency medical service (EMS) squads to excel at work.
Vehicle Mount
Computer 1100
Mini ITX CPU Board 617 The Mini ITX CPU Board 617 Makes Intelligence Accessible and Pushes Innovation Forwards 26.11.2014
Our partner NEXCOM released the Mini-ITX industrial motherboard 617 to push innovation forwards by making intelligence more accessible. Based on Intel® Celeron® processor J1900, the Mini ITX CPU Board 617 features an integrated Intel® HD Graphics, enabling faster media conversions and video transcoding than the previous generation of Intel® Atom™ processors. Combined with its competent computing, rich I/O sets, and expansion flexibility, the Mini ITX CPU Board 617 brings intelligence to where it lacks and gives pushes to industrial applications including X-ray inspection, motion control, telemedicine kiosks, and self-service information stands.
Mini ITX
CPU Board 617
Fanless Box-PC 301 Compact Fanless Box-PC 301 Shows Flexibility towards Function Consolidation 05.11.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has released the Fanless Box-PC 301 to help build an automation and control network with a streamlined architecture. Based on Intel® Atom™ processor E3845, the Fanless Box-PC 301 has packed quad-core computing power and flexible function expandability onto a fanless compact hardware platform with a user-friendly design feature of front access to all connectors. The Fanless Box-PC 301 can consolidate functions of PC based controllers, human machine interfaces (HMI), and industrial gateways, being a key enabler of industrial Internet of Things (IoT).
Box-PC 301
COM Express Module 671 T6 COM Express Module 671 Delivers Performance with Reduced Size and Power Consumption 20.10.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has released the type 6 COM Express compact module 671 to unlock the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) across industries. Featuring 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 / i5 / i3 and Celeron® processors (U Series), the COM Express Module 671 has packed triple independent display support, 2D / 3D imaging and video processing capabilities and network connectivity on to a 95 x 95mm footprint while consuming low power. The COM Express Module 671 is geared toward compute and graphics-intensive devices with size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints.
COM Express Module 671
Fanless Box-PC 3640M Series IEC 60601-1 Certified Fanless Medical Computer Facilitates Co-diagnostics in Operation Rooms 14.10.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has released the IEC 60601-1:2006 certified fanless medical computer Fanless Box-PC 3640M series to make co-diagnostics possible during surgical procedures. Intended for use in operating rooms (OR), the medical computer Fanless Box-PC 3640M series has acquired the IEC 60601-1:2006 certification and adopts a fanless design. The Fanless Box-PC 3640M series delivers high reliability and availability required of integrated surgical systems and helps maintain required standards of cleanliness in ORs.
Fanless Box-PC 3640M Series
Fanless Box-PC 3720 Series Fanless Box-PC 3720 Bridges Business Decisions and Factory Operations with Industrial IoT 01.10.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has released the Fanless Box-PC 3720 Series to build industrial IoT for data-driven decision making. Featuring 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7-4650U processor, the Fanless Box-PC 3720 series supports communication across automation protocols, data-intensive analysis and effective information delivery. Targeted at big SCADA applications, the Fanless Box-PC 3720 series also provides high integration capability to connect multiple factories.
Fanless Box-PC 3720 Series
Core Module 1-86DX2 PC/104 Single Board The Core Module 1-86DX2 Supports Embedded Applications with Exceptionally High Integration and Power Efficiency 24.09.2014
The Core Module 1-86DX2 PC/104 Single Board is using DMP‘s Vortex 86DX2 Single Chip Solution with Full ISA Support to save power, space and cost. Our partner ADLINK Technology, a leading provider of embedded products, released a new PC/104 form factor single board computer offering, the Core Module 1-86DX2, featuring an extensive I/O feature set and full ISA bus support. The Core Module 1-86DX2 is ideal for control applications that require power efficiency, small form factor, longevity and industrial grade ruggedness.
Core Module 1-86DX2 PC/104 Single Board
VTC 7200 Series In-Vehicle Computer Server-grade In-vehicle Computer Puts Vehicles under Close Surveillance 03.07.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has released the in-vehicle computer VTC 7200 series to keep a vehicle under a close watch. Featuring server-grade functionality, the VTC 7200 series have broad applications including real-time remote video streaming, license-plate recognition, fleet telematics and in-vehicle infotainment. The VTC 7200 series is ideal for use on public transits, law enforcement and handling and transportation of dangerous and valuable items.
VTC 7200 Series In-Vehicle Computer
Fanless Touch Panel PC Series Industry 4.0-compliant Smart Panel PC based on the Latest Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 Family 03.07.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has upgraded the applied Panel PC series with Intel® Atom™processor E3800 product family to realize the smart factory envisioned by the Industry 4.0. The Fanless Touch Panel PC series features powerful graphics capability, larger system memory, support for fieldbus networking and robust fanless design. The Fanless Touch Panel PC can provide system control, process visualization, fieldbus connectivity and wireless networking required for smart factory operation.
Fanless Touch Panel PC Series
Fanless Heavy Industrial Panel-PC Build Factory-of-Things with NEXCOM Multi-Touch Industrial Fieldbus Panel-PC for Smart Factory 27.06.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has released two industrial fieldbus Panel-PC, the 15.6" and 21.5" Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PC, to manage the factory floor operation. The Industrial Fieldbus Panel-PC are based on Intel® Atom™ processor D2550 and have built-in fieldbus technology and a 15.6" / 21.5" wide screen multi-touch monitor. The 15.6" and 21.5" Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PC can pull raw data from and give command to field devices to optimize smart factory operation. The 15.6" and 21.5" Factory Automation Heavy Industrial Panel-PC are certified with UL60950, EN61000-6-2 and EN61000-6-4 standards and can stand up to the harshness in the heavy industrial environment.
Multi-Touch Industrial Fieldbus Panel-PC
HDAV2000KLV AMP's new HDAV2000KLV - HD H.264 Codec with STANAG 4609 KLV metadata support 26.06.2014
The HDAV2000KLV is a High Definition video codec with support for extraction of STANAG 4609 KLV Metadata from HD-SDI sources. The HDAV2000KLV is built on established AMP ultra low latency, video and audio encoding technology. The HDAV2000KLV encodes video to the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Part 10) standard and supports extraction of STANAG 4609 KLV metadata from the HD-SDI input as per MISB 0605.3. The HDAV2000KLV also features 4 SD composite video inputs and a high performance audio controller with stereo input and outputs that allows audio to be captured from HD-SDI and Line inputs and synchronised with the captured video.
Automotive Box-PC VTC 6210 One In-vehicle Computer for Telematics, Infotainment and Surveillance 08.05.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has released the in-vehicle computer VTC 6210 to keep drivers and passengers informed, entertained, and safe. The VTC 6210 based on quad-core Intel® Atom™ E3845 processor is well-packed with on-board diagnostics interfaces, flexible wireless expansion, and user-defined action features to bring fleet telematics, passenger infotainment, and in-vehicle surveillance on board of commuter shuttles, long distance coaches, and vehicle fleets.
Automotive Box-PC VTC 6210
IP Camera NCr-312 Mini IR Megapixel IP Camera Shrinks with SR LED, Making Surveillance Clearer & Low-key 06.05.2014
The NCr-312 of our partner NEXCOM is a mini bullet 3-megapixel IP camera which can see in the dark. Featuring SR LEDs, NCr-312 provides illumination to ensure image quality while remaining mini in size to make city and building surveillance less invasive. Intended for outdoor use, the NCr-312 can help keep a close watch on office buildings, tourist attractions, warehouses, and campuses. The mini bullet 3-megapixel IP camera NCr-312 supports H.264 / MJPEG video compression and region of interest functions. The NCr-312 can generate full HD 1080 P images at 30 fps with reduced file sizes.
IP Camera NCr-312
IP Camera NCb-221 Megapixel IP Camera Reveals True Colors against Ultra-low Light 06.05.2014
To ensure image quality in various lighting conditions, NCb-221 features Sony 1/2” Exmore image sensor and TI 3D DNR (digital noise reduction) technology. This megapixel IP camera is so sensitive to light that it can enhance image colors yet suppress noise and motion blurs resulting from imaging enhancement. As a result, NCb-221 can capture images in, for instance, dimly-lit museums or restaurants with ambient lighting. As to high contrast in brightness, NCb-221 provides digital wide dynamic range (DWDR) function to make subjects located in both dark and bright areas clearly visible.
IP Camera NCb-221
Fieldbus Concentrator Fanless Box-PC 300 Fieldbus Concentrator Fanless Box-PC 300 Unleashes the Power of Big Data to Improve Factory Efficiency 26.03.2014
Our partner NEXCOM has released the fieldbus concentrator Fanless Box-PC 300 to help build a connected factory to harness the power of big data. The Fanless Box-PC 300 features Intel® Core™ i5-4402E processor and provides high expandability to support multiple fieldbus technologies and internet connectivity. Designed to fit in a 2U rackmount chassis, the Fanless Box-PC 300 is a high computing data server and communication gateway which provides cross–fieldbus communication, makes data-based decisions, and pushes factories down the path towards lean manufacturing.
Fanless Box-PC 300
Single Board Computer 355 Fanless 3.5" Boards Bring GPU Image Processing, Wide Temperature and USB 3.0 Support For Embedded Systems 21.03.2014
The Single Board Computer 355 series of 3.5-inch boards is based on the multi-core SoC Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family (formerly codenamed "Bay Trail"). This series of 3.5-inch boards operates at wide temperature range with low power consumption and features USB 3.0 ports and Intel® Gen 7 Graphics with multi-display support. NEXCOM's Single Board Computer 355 series of 3.5-inch boards are aimed at embedded applications.
Single Board Computer 355 Nexcom
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