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Compact ATC 3530 with NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX brings IP67 Protection to In-Vehicle AI Edge Computing   DELTA COMPONENTS

The NVIDIA® Jetson series opens the door to powerful edge computing without the overhead of power-hungry GPU add-on cards. The NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX strikes the right balance between power savings and onboard processing power on a single space-saving SoM. Now, the ATC 3530 harnesses that power by combining in-vehicle functionality with AI-aided recognition computing into an IP67 compact fanless embedded system ready for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) inference workloads. The ATC 3530 is the ideal rugged computer for AI inference in harsh environments with a low-power, fanless, dustproof and waterproof design. It's the system to bring your AI-powered invehicle applications to fruition.

Compact ATC 3530 with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX brings IP67 Protection to In-Vehicle AI Edge Computing
Robust and AI-Ready

The ATC 3530 has an NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX SoM, with 384 NVIDIA CUDA® Cores, 48 Tensor Cores, 6 Carmel ARM CPUs, and two NVIDIA® Deep Learning Accelerators (NVDLA) engines, together delivering 21 TOPS, and making it ideal for high-performance compute and AI. The AI Edge in-vehicle computer sets itself as a key piece for implementing V2X in the smart city development puzzle, working together with other technologies such as M-to-M, X2X, AIoT gateways and nodes, and cloud-edge AI over mesh wireless. Importantly, for industrial embedded systems, the Xavier NX also includes a long life cycle past 2026. The ATC 3530 is compact enough for installation in confined spaces, and it is rated IP67, certification of its protection against dust and water. Together, these features make it ideal for AI-aided in-vehicle applications.

High-Resolution Video For Accurate AI Recognition

Accurate AI inference hinges on the resolution of the video input. Simply put, the higher the quality, the more accurately the AI can “see” what it needs to see. Video support is up to 16x the 1.080p30 decoder power, equating to 16 IP cameras with a resolution of 1.080p at 30 frames per second. As 4k2k is precisely 4x the bandwidth of 1.080p30, the four video inputs on the ATC 3530 handle up to 4k2k each. Two models are available, with two different video capture technologies: Ethernet package IP CAM and MIPI SerDes.

MIPI SerDes: Four MIPI connectors on the ATC 3530-IP7-4M support four MIPI cameras with some notable improvements over traditional MIPI. Uncompressed video streams are usually limited to 50cm cable lengths, but this model supports V-by-One SerDes technology to reach 25 meters (12 meters for 4k2k). The system uses an encoder chip at the MIPI Vby-One SerDes camera, and this AI Edge in-vehicle computer decodes the incoming video stream.

GbE PoE: Four GbE PoE connectors on the ATC 3530-IP7-4C support up to four 4k2k IP cameras. Video streams are encoded at the camera end, and this AI Edge in-vehicle computer has a powerful hardware decoder capable of decoding all four encoded video streams at a time.

Dedicated to Demanding Applications

The ATC 3530 models are ideal for several demanding applications that require a combination of AI processing power and robust hardware.
  • AI power IoT gateway compact, fanless, easy and quick to install, easy maintenance, AI inference without add-on cards, IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • In-vehicle OHV AI Edge recognition ANPR, car recognition, and other pattern recognition, low-speed autonomous machines, edge computing for local site machines, enhanced telematics and positioning, IGN control
  • AI traffic sign control AI edge computing in an all-in-one embedded system, suitable for installation in a roadside cabinet
  • Factory automation and machine vision multiple camera support, low power for autonomous trucks and robots, autoinspection, AGVs and AMRs

ATC 3530 Front View

ATC 3530-IP7-4C Rear View

ATC 3530-IP7-4M Rear View
ATC 3530 Front View ATC 3530-IP7-4C Rear View ATC 3530-IP7-4M Rear View

Produkteigenschaften ATC 3530 Series
  • Advanced Telematics AI Edge In-vehicle computer
  • NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX SOM up to 21 TOPS compute: NVIDIA 64-bit Carmel (Dual-Core) processor, 1.900 MHz
  • 8GB 128-bit LPDDR4 Memory, 1.600MHz
  • ultra-speed PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD for data integry
  • Compact, rugged and fanless Design with IP67 rating
  • Optional 4-Channel MIPI SerDes 1080p60/4Kp30 Camera to reach up to 15 m distance
  • 4x GbE PoE+ for IP CAM/LiDAR sensors
  • Rich I/O ports: 2x RS232, 2x USB 3.0, DI/DO, CAN etc.
  • HEVC/H.265 hardware CODEC, 32 x 1.080p30 compute power
  • U-blox NEO-M8N GNSS, optional Dead Reckoning
  • Expansible for LTE/5G NR & WiFi 5/6
  • 1x mini-PCle & M.2 3042/3052 Key B socket
  • OS & Software: Aided Linux (NAL) w/ JetPack 4.5, MIPI SerDes CAM Driver & UBUNTU 18.04
  • 9 to 36VDC-in with Ignition control & OCP/OVP
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, UKCA & E13 mark
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to 70°C
  • Dimensions: 213 x 167 x 82,8 mm (W x D x H)


PKBX5925ATC 3530-IP7-4C, NVIDIA Xavier NX, w/ 8GB LPDDR4
1x HDMI, 4x PoE GbE, 1x GbE, 16GB eMMC
PKBX5926ATC 3530-IP7-4M, NVIDIA Xavier NX, w/ 8GB LPDDR4
1x HDMI, 4x MIPI SerDes VBO, 2x GbE, 16GB eMMC
PKBX5927ATC 3530-IP7-4C, NVIDIA Xavier NX, w/ 16GB LPDDR4
1x HDMI, 4x PoE GbE, 1x GbE, 16GB eMMC
   16GB Version of PKBX5925
PKBX5928ATC 3530-IP7-4M, NVIDIA JetsonXavierNX/16GB LPDDR4
1xHDMI/4xMIPI VBO/2xGbE/2xRS232/2xUSB3.0/16GB eMMC
   16GB Version of PKBX5926
VKFX1202MIPI VBO SerDes CAM, 1.080p60, AR0234GSC
V-by-One HS, 15m Fakra cable, IP67
   Option for PKBX5926
VKFX1203 MIPI VBO SerDes CAM, 720p30, AR0144GS
V-by-One HS, 15m Fakra cable, IP67
   Option for PKBX5926

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