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vROK 3030 Open Frame Panel PC for Railway Passenger Information Systems   DELTA COMPONENTS

The proliferation of passenger information systems (PIS) is challenging Railway operators to find more efficient ways of utilizing space within the train. The vROK 3030 Railway open frame Panel PC allows railway operators to replace the traditional setup of Box PC, screens, and cables with a sleek vROK 3030 Open Frame Panel PC and screens. It implements the latest Intel Atom® x6414RE processor, supports Windows and Linux operating systems, and is designed for WLAN/WWAN wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi 6E and 5G NR. Through its LCD monitor, 1 × HDMI, and 1 × DP video outputs it provides triple displays for passenger information, advertising, or onboard infotainment, while the Open Frame Design makes for seamless integration into a wide variety of enclosures.

vROK 3030 Open Frame Panel PC for Railway Passenger Information Systems
Solving the Complicated Cable Conundrum

The typical Box PC is installed under the seats or behind panels and then connected to the Wall- or ceiling-mounted screens with long cables. This approach takes up a lot of space and makes installation complex, especially managing multiple long cable runs. The vROK 3030 is a CE/FCC Class A, EN50155 certified Open Frame Panel PC for Railway applications that provides a space-saving All-in-one replacement for the traditional Box PC and external screen. By using a Panel PC as one of the screens, the cables from the Box PC to the screens are no longer needed, only shorter ones from the vROK 3030 to the extended displays.

Comprehensive Range of Options

The vROK 3030 includes several other flexible installation and use features, including a VESA 75 mount and BOM optional panel/flush mount, and various optional integrated screen options like stretched displays. Two power input options are available, including 24VDC and 110VDC isolated power. The 2.5GbE LAN connection uses a lockable M12 X-coded plug interface for the highest speed transmission. For the ultimate wireless experience, high-speed 5G NR and Wi-Fi 6E are available for better data speeds. Rethinking Passenger Information Systems The vROK 3030 In-Vehicle Open Frame Panel PC is the logical choice for a streamlined and easy-maintenance PIS setup. It reduces the number of cables and shortens the remaining cables so train operators can get their PIS set up in the shortest time possible and with minimal fuss.

Multiple Displays in Various Layouts

The vROK 3030 can receive data over Wi-Fi, then display that information on the built-in display and two additional screens through HDMI and DisplayPort connections.
  • Center and sides: Install the vROK 3030 above the center aisle with two additional screens, one on each side of the aisle by the doors.
  • Front and rear: For screens at the ends of the car, the VIP series extends HDMI over longer distances to screens at the front or rear of the car.
  • Above-door display: Create a long display by pairing the vROK 3030 with a screen of the same size (or with stretched display option).
  • Sleeping car: Use the vROK 3030 (PCAP touch option available) as the entertainment system, with an additional screen for toilet vacancy indicator, journey information, or the time.
  • Train operator display (TOD): Add a front bezel with customizable buttons for use as the human machine interface (HMI) for a driver console PC (by request)

Front view of vROK 3030 vROK 3030 Fastening

  • Intel Atom® Elkhart Lake x6414RE (Quad Core) processor, 9W
  • 10.4" TFT LCD monitor with projected capacitive touch screen (touch screen, BOM optional)
  • IPS LCD with wide viewing angle and resolution 1.024 x 768
  • Sunlight readable capability: 1.200nits LCD brightness
  • 1x HDMI, 1x DP video output for triple display
  • Isolated CANBus 2.0 x1
  • CVBS input for analog camera x4
  • PoE supported for IP camera x2 (Optional)
  • Open frame design for wide variety of form factors
  • EN 50155, Class OT3 (-30 to 70°C) certificated
  • EN 45545-2 compliant for railway


PKPR1100vROK 3030 Railway Panel-PC Open Frame PC
Intel Atom x6414RE, 1.5GHz, 1.024x768, 1x HDMI
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