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Off-road Vehicle Computing Solutions

Vehicle Mount Computer Manages Volatility in Mining Logistics Services

Our partner NEXCOM's all-in-one vehicle mount computer VMC 3000 is installed in tank trucks to optimize mining logistics service by managing the volatile working conditions. With orders, vehicle, traffic and weather information gathered and shared in real time among drivers and dispatchers, the mining logistics service can deliver required material to mining sites in an efficient, safe and eco-friendly manner.

Downloads: Application Note VMC 3000

Vehicle Mount Computer Harvests Data To Increase Field Yields

The vehicle mount computer VMC 4011 of our partner NEXCOM is aimed at providing field data for fieldworkers and site managers to increasing productivity. Targeted at mobile data terminals on heavy machines, the VMC 4011 is packed with data gathering, processing, display, and transfer capabilities. The VMC 4011 can keep field operations and heavy machines under tight control and close watch for industries including agriculture and forestry, mining, construction, and ports and harbors.

Downloads: Application Note VMC 4011

Robust + Economical Vehicle Mount Computer Simplifies Fleet Operations

The durable yet economical vehicle mount computer, VMC 100, is built to maximize fleet efficiency and safety. VMC 100 features ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor and an open embedded system of Android, Linux, or Windows Embedded Compact 7, delivering a flexible platform for third party fleet management software. The robust VMC 100 not only delivers great user experience but also helps drivers achieve simplified operational tasks and stay focused on the road.

Downloads: Application Note VMC 100

Vehicle Mount Computers smooth port operations amid trade explosion

As new free trade agreements are put into effect across the globe, port management companies are seeing a flood of cargo arriving ports and harbors. From precise execution to safe practices, these companies are under enormous challenge on all fronts of port operations and requiring the help of technology more than ever. In a busy port in Western Europe, gantry cranes and forklifts are equipped with our partner NEXCOM vehicle mount computers VMC 4511 and VMC 1100 to achieve high operational efficiency.

Downloads: Application Note VMC 4511 + VMC 1100

Vehicle Mount Computers increase efficiency of agriculture in Asia

Putting precision agriculture into practice is no doubt paramount to the ongoing success of the agriculture industry. As global population rises, farmers need to supply adequate food resources to keep up with the growing demand. To maximize harvesting yield within limited arable land, automate tractors and optimize farming efficiency, our partner NEXCOM's VMC 1100 Vehicle Mount Computer has been implemented inside driverless tractors in an agricultural land in Asia.

Downloads: Application Note VMC 1100

Vehicle Mount Computer improves bus services for an Asian operator

With world population growth, public transport organizations need to improve their facilities to provide better services. With the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) being employed and our partner NEXCOM's Vehicle Mount Computer VMC 3001 serving as the core device of the system, a local bus operator in Asia has achieved an enormous upgrade to its services.

Downloads: Application Note VMC 3001

VMC enhances safety, production and asset management at mines

Mining is a high-risk and high-tech industry. Using information and communications technology allows site managers to monitor all activities at mines and supervise day-to-day operations. Coming to the assistant is NEXCOM‘s VMC 1100 which integrates GPS tracking, wireless communication, remote monitoring and onboard diagnostics to help with overseeing occupational safety and health, tracking mining progress and facilitating the management of mining trucks.

Downloads: Application Note VMC 1100 Mining

VMC watches over the safety of urban trams and pedestrians

Trams provide a convenient public transportation medium to inner-city and inter-city travel. Although convenient, trams typically run in crowded urban areas where safety of both passengers and pedestrians is of utmost importance. In a tramway network of a city, NEXCOM‘s VMC 3011 vehicle mount computer has been installed in trams to give drivers increased visibility in vehicle blind spots, providing commuters and citizens a safe and sound transit service.

Downloads: Application Note VMC 3011 Tram Safety

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