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Logistic Management For Energy Industry

High Definition Survey of Mining Assets

With increasing demand for mineral resources and pressure to exploit existing assets in more efficient ways, careful survey and data analysis of mines for safety and viability can yield huge gains. A rugged 8-channel, high-definition video recording system, mounted on a UGV provides all round, detailed visual coverage.

Such a recorder, built using 8 StreamCorder-HD modules is able to continuously record high definition video streams to perchannel local solid state storage. Once the survey system has been recovered the video data can be retrieved over Ethernet and analysed. The distributed nature of the storage, along with the overlap of the cameras, is a major advantage in providing data redundancy.

A separate real-time video feedback loop for remotely driving the UGV is implemented using a H264ULL-ENCODER / H264ULLDECODER set.

Products used for Survey System:
8x AMP StreamCorder-HD High Definition Standalone video recorders, each supporting 1x HD-SDI input.
AMP demo Remote File retrieval software (runs on remote Windows PC to retrieve HD video recordings)
Ethernet switch module (to consolidate and connect 8 Ethernet ports into 1 Ethernet)

Products used for Driving system:
UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle)
PCI/104 host CPU (with Linux pre-installed)
AMP H264ULL-ENCODER-Ext (4-channel Ultra Low Latency NTSC-to-H264 ENCODER)

Products used for Control Terminal
PCI/104 host CPU (with Linux pre-installed)
AMP H264ULL-DECODER-Ext (4-channel Ultra Low Latency DECODER)

DOWNLOADS: Application Notes: StreamCorder-HD

Pipeline Inspection with HDAV2000
Regular inspection of Pipelines is vital to ensuring the condition of major infrastructure and avoiding environmental damage.

This system uses the HDAV2000 to provide video capture and encoding for both driving the pipeline crawler and carrying out the High definition video survey of the pipeline. Two SD composite video channels are encoded and streamed to a remote operator console for controlling the movement of the pipeline inspection crawler. The input from a High definition source and an optional infrared source are encoded and saved to local storage for later retrieval and analysis. Audio commentary from the remote operator is recorded with the survey recording.

Pipeline Inspection with HDAV2000

Real-time Event Broadcasting over 4G with HDAV2000
With the wide spread deployment of 4G networks, news gathering and broadcast organizations are looking to make considerable savings by using LTE / 4G network links. The use of LTE / 4G network offer significant cost savings to more traditional microwave links for real -time delivery of media events to the studio.

This solution provides a two-way audio-visual communications between the studio (anchor man, program director) and the outside broadcast team (reporter, camera man) in tandem with the high definition stream from the camera to the mixing console at the studio.

Real-time Event Broadcasting over 4G with HDAV2000

Heavy Lifting and Positioning with H264-HD2000
Heavy lifting equipment tend to be very large and the operator or driver is often some distance from the lifting head of the crane. One of the many challenges for the driver is to accurately pick up and position the load without direct line-of-sight.

The solution below takes advantage of standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) capture & Ultra Low Latency encoding capabilities of the H264-HD2000 to provide real-time visual feedback to the crane driverís cab. The 4x SD cameras give a complete view of the lift from multiple angles. A unique feature of the H264-HD2000 is the ability to capture and encode both the cameras and the VGA output of the crane operator console.

This allows remotely located experts and managers to observe and direct delicate lifting and positioning operations from remote locations around the world across the internet.

Heavy Lifting and Positioning with H264-HD2000

Underwater Remote Video Acquisition Recorder with StreamCorder-SD4
The Oil and Gas industry have both a fiscal and a moral imperative to assure that underwater pipelines remain free of leaks and potentially harmful organic growth that could compromise the integrity of couplings. Preventative maintenance and inspection costs can be dramatically reduced through time lapse video surveillance. Underwater cameras focused on critical junctions can be used to identify potential leaks before they can do significant damage.

In the application illustrated below a battery powered video capture and recording system is deployed in a watertight pressure tested enclosure and captures video from cameras at regularly scheduled intervals. In between captures the system remains in a low-power sleep state.

Underwater Remote Video Acquisition Recorder with StreamCorder-SD4

Real-time situational awareness for Mining, Transportation & heavy Engineering

The XStream-SD4, an Ultra Low Latency (ULL) stand-alone Video Streamer, is a key factor in situational awareness systems providing rugged, real-time video for intense intelligence gathering.

The rugged XStream-SD4 can be seen in Transportation, Mining & heavy Engineering applications providing 360° situational awareness and sending imperative ultra low latency video. It helps to improve the safety and security in demanding industries.

The feature rich XStream-SD4 is operating system neutral allowing for rapid integration & deployment in hours instead of months.


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